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Prevent Fires ... It Pays

Who is your fire protection contractor associated with?

It is important to know what your sprinkler contractor is really up to.  Do they participate in industry improvement? Are they holding themselves to high professional standards? Or do they just want to make a quick dollar and "move on"? 

Fire Sprinkler systems are life safety items in your building and great care should be taken that your systems are inpected and serviced at the proper intervals.  When you chose your contractor to perform your inspections and make any necessary corrections, think about what motivates your contractor.  If your contractor employs professional engineers and NICET certified technitions, it is likely that they conduct themselves in a professional manor.  Contractors who's employees participate in organizations such as the National (and local) chapters of the Society of Fire Protection Engineers maintain strict codes of ethics.

St. Louis Automatic Sprinkler Company is certified in the State of Missouri as having a Professional Engineering Corporate Certificate of Authority.  This means that we are authorized to provide engineering services.  Many fire sprinkler contractors use outside designers and engineers to produce fire sprinkler plans.  This could lead to a disconnect between engineer and field installation.  Do you know how to contact the fire sprinkler engineer on your project? If you are working with us all you need to do is call 314-533-7710.  We have two full time professional engineers on staff ready to answer any questions you have on your project.

Fire Protection Industry Memberships and Affiliations
  • State of Missouri -
  •      Professional Engineering Corporate Certificate of Authority
  • National Fire Sprinkler Association
  •      Individual Memberships
  • National Society of Fire Protection Engineers -
  •      Individual Memberships
  • St. Louis Chapter of Society of Fire Protection Engineers -
  •      Individual Memberships
  • St. Louis Area Fire Sprinkler Contractors Association -
  •      Member
  • State of Missouri and Illinois -
  •      Licensed Professional Engineers on staff
  • State of Missouri -
  •      Engineer in Training on staff
  • NICET -
  •      Nicet certified individuals on staff
  • Sprinklerfitters Local 268 -
  •      Individual memberships
  •      Joint/Apprenticeship Committee member
  •      Industry Promotion Committee member
  • Associated General Contractors of St. Louis
  • St. Louis Fire Sprinkler Alliance
  • Missouri Chamber of Commerce

  • City of St. Louis
  • St. Louis County
  • State of Illinois
  • numerous other local jurisdictions (please inquire)