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Fire Protection Systems - Design

3d Fire Protection Design
3D Navis screen capture
3D Fire Protection Design
3D Navis screen capture
St. Louis Automatic Sprinkler not only offers standard two-dimensional fire sprinkler system design and coordination, but we also have several engineers that are trained to design sprinkler systems using the latest 3-D software.

SLASCO uses traditional settings in 2-D AutoCAD to cost effectively design most projects.  Our engineers and designers efficiently work with architectural drawings to make an inclusive sprinkler system design that is easily readable by all trades and authorities having jurisdiction. 

However, when a project is expected to meet a new higher standard, St. Louis Automatic Sprinkler is prepared with the staff and technology to rise to the occasion.  The 3-D advantage allows the coordination to be seen through a "walking view" where one can "walk" through the plans in three dimensions.  Some of the new software comes with collision detection setting that help notify each trade of potential installation conflicts.

No matter if the project is designed in 2-D software or 3-D software, St. Louis Automatic Sprinkler takes great pride in providing high quality design services for fire protection systems.  We believe that coordination is very important because every conflict in the field is much more costly for everyone than if it was caught in the design process.  Please visit our "fire sprinkler experts" page to learn more about the experienced and caring staff at St. Louis Automatic Sprinkler Company.

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